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The Swedish Consumer Energy Markets Bureau

The Energy Markets Consumer Bureau is an independent bureau which gives guidance to consumers on the Swedish energy markets. All information and guidance is free of charge. We are funded by the Swedish Consumer Agency, the Swedish Energy Agency, the Energy Markets Inspectorate, and two industry organisations, namely Swedenergy and the Swedish Gas Association. 

We give guidance primarily to consumers, or to those representing consumers, by our web page, by telephone and by e-mail or by our web form. Consumers can call us for advice Monday to Thursday, 9.00-12.00 am.

Consumers can contact us for advice regarding electricity, natural gas or district heating. We provide:

  • Pre-purchase information,
  • Information regarding energy suppliers,
  • Information regarding energy prices,
  • Legal guidance for consumers who have a dispute with an energy company and
  • Information how to switch energy supplier.

If you have a dispute with a supplier or distributor, you should first contact the company concerned. If you are not satisfied with how the company has handled your complaint, we can give you advise regarding the matter. In some cases, we help to solve disputes between consumers and companies through facilitating the communication between the parties.

We also present statistics based on consumer problems reported to us. This information is passed on to energy companies, the authorities and the energy industry organisations.

Other counselling regarding consumer issues

Apart from the Energy Markets Consumer Bureau, some municipalities give counselling regarding consumer issues. 

Hallå konsument is a national information service coordinated by The Swedish Consumer Agency. You can contact them with questions about buying goods and services, contract terms and conditions, making a complaint, purchasing with environmental considerations and other things that you as a consumer need help with.

The consumer guides will answer questions or help to put you in touch with experts from other governmental authorities, consumer agencies or municipal consumer advice organisations. If you can’t find the information, you’re looking for on you can reach them by phone, live chat, Facebook or e-mail. The call centre is open weekdays (Monday to Friday) from 09.00 until 12.00. Phonenumber 0771 525 525 or +46 771 525 525.

The purpose of the information service is to make things easier for consumers.

The local consumer counsellor can i.e., help consumers with pre-purchase information concerning suppliers and their prices. They can also give advice regarding dispute settlement.

Local energy advisory services are aimed at the general public, at small companies and organisations. They coordinate and complement advice published by public authorities and commercial organisations. Local government energy advisors provide help to those lacking the knowledge or resources to make the best choices themselves. Advice is available in several areas: energy, technology and consumer guidance, but does not include home surveys and must not refer back to the council's own departments or companies. Today, almost all municipalities in Sweden have energy advisors.

Dispute settlement

The National Board for Consumer Complaints (ARN) examines consumer disputes and recommends ways of settling them.

Public Court settle disputes.

The Energy Markets Inspectorate settle disputes regarding connection fees and other terms to the electricity and the natural gas grids.